Canopy: Love Letters To Our Trees

A Transformative XR Experience
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In a world where cities are growing faster than ever before.  Where, by 205o, 70% of the global population will be living in cities, our urban forests have never been more important.
There is a real challenge. People have trouble seeing the trees they live with. It’s called plant blindness.  
In Melbourne, one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, something radical has happened. People have begun writing love letters to their favourite trees. 
Canopy: Love Letters To Our Trees is an XR documentary that offers the audience the chance to explore the urban forest, listen to these love letters and even leave one of their own.   
It is transformative VR experience, that invites city dwellers to rediscover their trees, fall in love with them and be part of something much bigger, a more connected experience.  
When you’ve finished your VR adventure and you take off your headset, you can also contribute and grow the story in real time via Canopy AR.

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Canopy XR is a community driven platform inviting users to explore and share stories with trees through a digital network pinned to our natural environment.

Producer Kate Pappas
Writers Kate Pappas, Rachael Thompson
Technical Director Charles Henden
Art Director Craig Bowler
Concept Art Adam Parata
Scientific Consultant Dr Calvin Lee
Consultant Producer Mark Atkin

A Wilding and Visitor.Vision Production

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Developed with the assistance of Screen Australia

Supported by the City Of Melbourne

© 2019 Wilding Productions Pty Ltd / Visitor.Vision Pty Ltd